The road trip

When Bilbo Baggins is called by Gandalf out of his safe, cosy hollow he finds that wrapped up in the danger, insecurity and unknowing is a life of purpose, adventure and love. 

When Jesus walked the earth he kept calling people out of what they knew and to follow him into the unknown. 

You could say the Gospels are a road trip. 

During his time of documented impact Jesus had no home and kept moving. His place on earth was an unfolding before the eyes of his followers – perhaps even to him. Very few people who encountered him got what they expected. 

I want to be plastic, malleable, dynamic, a journeymen. My entrenchment, layered dogma and pursuit of the predictable are counter to the journey. 

I am inspired by people who step out, love unconditionally, ask themselves difficult questions, and chose to step into new worlds with an open heart.