Lessons from combat

Sebastian Junger, journalist and military combat analyst says that strong “military unit cohesion has proven to be a buffer for psychological struggles”. 

Also, he reports that wartime trauma is diminished when soldiers feel a greater sense of control. For example, PTSD is more pronounced among lower ranking soldiers than special forces. 

Marry these observations and it gives some explanation as to why marriage breakup and the breakdown of very close friendships have a particular pain which we are not readily capable of managing. Also why it is absolutely critical that we, without condemnation, and band around those going through such traumas. 

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One Response to Lessons from combat

  1. Andrew T says:

    Great observation. There was a recent article in the NY Times which said the unit cohesion kept soldiers from losing it in the field, but that societal division and mistrust caused them to give in to the trauma and have breakdowns when they got home. Could we not, as a church body, absorb these people to cushion their landing and re-entry?

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