A friend has six kids. He and I joke that the perfect number of children is ‘one less’.

All it takes is for one to be on camp and everything feels so easy. I suspect if it were 10 kids, the perfect number is 9. That is until 9 becomes the norm then it takes 8.

Capacity and strength grow in response to demand. That’s largely why an engaged employee’s earnings outperform inflation.

My capacity to love, serve, be generous and gracious grows to the extent I choose to step in.

Some things are to be endured. But where possible, the practice of love shouldn’t be an endurance, but something actively stepped into – embraced.

And when I actively step into love two things happen. The breaks of resentment are let go so I am less exhausted, and the recipient of my love is more likely to be transformed. 


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One Response to Capacity

  1. Your notion of “stepping into” love is perfect. Thank you for the reminder.

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