The greatest threat to me is me.

There is always hope.

Perhaps everything that is important is cloaked in mystery.

I am individually known by God.

I am neither great nor insignificant. No one is more or less valuable than me.

I can through attention to my conscience, in prayerful reflection, by listening, in stillness and through action – with courage and humility – find an inner place that is sufficient for me to flourish.

I do no not need to understand Jesus. But I can elect to receive the mystery of his origin, life, death, resurrection, spirit and authority and in so doing obtain an enduring inner life and a more meaningful connection with creation.

I must bring myself to others because without them I am greatly diminished.

Others are known by God, and I must consistently and relentlessly searth for their beauty; receiving them with care, generosity, love, forgiveness and hope.

I need not come to a position or opinion on others – in fact it is better to not do so. I do not need to understand someone in order to love them. It is not for me to determine who is in or of God.

There is, nonetheless, evil – it is something readily discernible- and from it I must distance myself, unless there is a compelling inner conviction to step up to it in combat.

Rights fought for only have value when they have been won on behalf of others.



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