Promise of wealth, and other thoughts.

Reading about Salman Khan, who is rolling out an accessible world wide online education network, and it had this to say:
“Usually when people come to a start-up there’s a promise of riches at the end if it, but at Khan Academy it’s world-changing impact, not personal wealth.”
The life I live seems to demand money at every step. It is difficult to imagine a life in Australia that does not require a lot of money, even to just feel like we are getting by. Of course it’s not true, plenty of people do, yet I confess my imagination can not extend that far at the moment.
There are many benefits in being middle class but how willing am I to face an alternative?
This lack of imagination limits both my capacity to dream and to position myself in the path of obedience.
What do I want my life to be about? What legacy do I want to leave? No, as i think about it that’s too individualistic. Rather, to what extent am I willing to participate in the work the Holy Spirit is undertaking to restore Eden?
A Manhattan NY lunch club called Socrates in the City is driven by it’s namesake’s observation that a life unexamined is a life not worth living.
Can such an examination, one that makes life worth living, be done without discomfort and pain?
The hurricane has really badly hit the NY area, our next stop. Working out whether we should change plans. Just trying to roll with it all, and to recognise the impact on Stacey has been horrendous for the many who have lost homes, businesses and loved ones.
Being with friends and family has been just wonderful. There have been some great and meaningful interactions and i see times where God has been at work. I have though found these past couple of weeks I have not carved out time to pray and think as much as I had hoped. But I feel hungry now and motivated to carve again. Thanks for your prayers.


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3 Responses to Promise of wealth, and other thoughts.

  1. Michael says:

    Wonderful to read your latest thoughts, Clive. Missing our conversations. Much of what you’ve said here resonates. Will drop you a line soon. Love to your beautiful family.

  2. Hey Clive

    I too find it really hard to imagine life without wealth, most especially because it would take my family with me, it wouldn’t just be me. If that’s what God is calling us to, may he give us, and our families, the grace to do it.


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